Shou Furi's Grave

Shou Furi's grave is in Fusato in the Tamagusuku district. Shou Furi is the sixth son of Shou Hashi, the man whounited the Ryukyu Kingdom. In 1454 he fought with hisnephew, Shou Shiro for the right to the throne. It was an intense internal conflict, resulting in Shuri-joto be burned to the ground. In the end, Shou Furi neverbecame king and died at the age of 58. Today he still restshere at this site together with his wife. (*Source: "The History of Tamagusuku Village", Tamagusuku Board of Education (2003))


〒901-1495 沖縄県南城市佐敷字新里1870番地